Seriously, You Need A Business Mentor

Seriously, You Need A Business Mentor

In business as in other life pursuits, everyone eventually has to take responsibility for themselves but it's always helpful to have someone you're accountable to, someone who can guide you and provide support. Sure, you can start your business, run it your way and be the master of its destiny. There's nothing wrong with that. All the same, mentorship is a proven way to learn quicker and avoid making too many mistakes.

How exactly can having a mentor help my business?

Among other things, your ideal business mentor will:

1. Be a sounding board for your business-related thoughts, helping you refine them.

2. Be a source of useful business information.

3.  Help you access insights and networks that will help you grow your business.

4. Challenge you enough to stimulate progressive thinking.

5. Provide an alternative perspective.

Side note: Your mentor is not a sponsor or some kind of life coach, don't expect to get funding or detailed instructions on how to live your life.

How do I find a mentor?

Mentorship isn't something you ask for, it's a relationship that evolves over time. And for you to attract the right person to be in that relationship with, there are things you must do:

1. Pursue your success.

A good mentor won't show up magically while you're lying on your bed dreaming of wealth. Keep working! By actively building your business, seeking out and taking opportunities, the right person will be drawn to you.

2. Be useful.

No good relationship is one-sided. If you're constantly taking, it'll be hard for a potential mentor to see any value in building a relationship with you. They'll be concerned that you have nothing to offer them. Instead of being a taker, be the kind of person who promotes the development of others by providing useful resources and sharing your business lessons. This also applies after you have secured a mentor. Continue being useful in that relationship, offering to help even when it isn't convenient.

3. Lose your ego.

To be mentored successfully, you're going to need a good dose of humility and submissiveness. Yes, you might be capable of doing things on your own but you should still listen to reason. Being humble means accepting that your knowledge is limited. Admitting your shortcomings in this way will make it easier for you to get help, learn and develop.

4. Look close to home.

The vanity of claiming a popular person as a mentor is very tempting but often unrealistic. Don't waste your time chasing rainbows. Networking is your friend. Begin by making connections within your sphere of business. Look out for people who have achieved the things you're dreaming of achieving and work your way toward building a relationship with them. Pay attention to acquaintances and the supposedly minor connections, they could lead you to the big one.

The bottom line:

The right mentor can help you go far in business if you're humble and teachable. To find the right person to build a mentorship relationship with, work on your business, pursue opportunities for growth and engage people in your business circle regularly.

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