How To Hire A Great Human Resources Manager

How To Hire A Great Human Resources Manager

People are the most valuable asset to your business and the quality and management of your staff can either make or break it.

As your business grows, recruitment and people management will become priorities you cannot handle yourself and cannot delegate to staff who do not have formal human resources (HR) training.

You will need an HR manager to oversee tasks such as recruitment, employee training and development, performance appraisals and compliance with best practices. And even more importantly, a great HR manager will contribute to strategic direction, promote employee welfare and develop a positive culture of work in your business.

Before interviewing candidates for this role, define the HR needs of your business clearly (including the level and kind of experience your ideal candidate should have) to guide your recruitment process. Generally, as you screen candidates, look out for:

1. Human resources training.

It's true that certificates are not everything but the knowledge that comes with formal HR training is a must-have for the role. Certifications from reputable institutions such as the CIPM and the HRCI are acceptable.

Suggested interview question: What are the most important things you learned during your human resources training?

2. Ingenuity.

The work environment, along with employees, is constantly evolving. This requires an innovative approach to managing people and a constantly fresh perspective. Your ideal candidate should be open to change and willing to experiment to find ways to get the best out of your staff.

Suggested interview question: As our HR manager, how will you create an ideal work environment here?

3. Trustworthiness.

HR management involves handling confidential business and employee information. Consequently, it demands discretion and an unbiased approach to dealing with people. You and your employees must be able to trust your HR manager. If not provided by default, request for referees who can confirm a candidate's claim of trustworthiness and speak to their past employer(s).

Suggested interview question: None.

4. Good social skills.

Human resources management is at least fifty percent human relations and it involves interaction across all levels of your business. Your human resources manager must be a good communicator who is naturally empathetic and passionate about helping all employees do their best work.

Suggested interview question: What is your people management style?

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