How To Develop A Culture Of Quality In Business

How To Develop A Culture Of Quality In Business

Six hours.

That's approximately how long it takes for flour, eggs and other ingredients to morph into a signature cake at the Hans & Rene bakery.

But behind those comparatively brief six hours are years of tireless experimenting and learning that have helped the fast-rising confectionery develop high-quality desserts its customers swear by.

In this second and final excerpt from our interview with her, Hans & Rene co-founder Tayo Bolodeoku breaks down the all-round quality that is her company's sweet spot.

1. Get quality people.

"I have a fantastic team."

Hans & Rene prides itself on having a close-knit team that runs the core of its operations, setting the tone for the rest of its staff: a group of self-starters hired because of the potential they showed during the interview process, not university degrees.  Like most businesses, Hans and Rene has its employee horror stories but Tayo's skill for spotting potential has yielded more recruitment hits than misses.

Hire people with the right attitude for your business, not just the ones with the 'right' certification.

2. Sell quality products.

"I will never give anybody what I cannot eat. For us to sell it, we've tasted it."

An accounting major, Tayo does not have a background in baking, but as what began as a kind of culinary therapy grew into a business, she had to go back to school "to learn how to do things properly."

That hunger to learn better ways of doing things is a key element of the Hans & Rene spirit, reflected in its team's constant, purposeful research to refine its products and keep exciting its customers.

If you are serious about your business, you will do all you can to not just set a high standard but to keep raising that standard. It's hard for competitors to keep up with a business that is constantly evolving in the right direction.

3. Give quality service.

"Good customer service is not weakness."

Hans & Rene is as defined by its good treatment of its (incredibly loyal) customers as it is by its excellent desserts. Read the first excerpt from our conversation with Tayo to get her practical tips for outstanding customer service.

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