How To Build Your Company's Social Media Team

How To Build Your Company's Social Media Team


So you want you want to get on the bandwagon and put your business on social media? Welcome to the 21st century. Before you dive in and waste money, be sure you have the right people to develop an attractive online presence for your company. Follow this guide and it'll be hard to go wrong.

1. Hire a content writer who can actually write.

Because every brand has a story that needs to be told with good grammar.

Look out for:

- University-level writing

In this age of ‘half-baked graduates’, this may not mean much, but you’ll know it when you see it. It’s okay to ask for an essay as proof, preferably written on the spot.

- Copywriting chops

If you’re going to entrust someone with the huge responsibility of telling your brand story right, that person must know how to spin it interestingly. That’s what good copywriters do.

+ Ask for a portfolio of copywriting work.

- Speed

Turnover time is nearly as important as the quality of the writing being done. You don’t need someone who will take an entire week to deliver a 400-word article.

+ You also don’t need someone who writes quickly but doesn’t pay attention to detail. Hiring an editor is an extra cost that can be avoided.

2. Hire a dedicated community manager

Because your business depends on people and someone has to take care of them.

Look out for:

- A good conversationalist

The ideal person for this role must enjoy chatting, answering questions and asking them. People who write the way they speak are the best fit.

- An obvious social media addiction

It’s not enough to know that social networks exist and own accounts on one or two of them. The person you’re looking for should have an evident fear of missing out that makes them check their social media timelines and post updates regularly.

+ Be biased towards a person who is engaging and influential in their social media circles (no matter how small).

- A natural ability and zeal for customer service

Basically: emotional intelligence + patience + empathy + attention to detail + excellent communication skills

+ Anyone who hates to explain things shouldn’t bother applying.

3. Hire a graphic designer who listens

Because a large part of brand storytelling is visual.

Look out for:

- Proven design skills

Ask for a portfolio, “I can do it” is not convincing enough. And that portfolio had better not be scanty.

+ A portfolio that has too many identical designs is not a good sign. You’re going to need variety.

+ Corel Draw has its uses, but demonstrable Photoshop skills are a must-have in 2015 and beyond.

- Speed

Again, turnover time is nearly as important as the quality of work. You need a designer who can do a good job and still meet reasonable deadlines. Test this with a one-off paid commission before committing to a full-time hire.

+ Graphic design, like a lot of things in life, should not be done on short notice. Plan well ahead so the designer has sufficient time to do an excellent job.

- A good listener

Like most creatives, graphic designers have a reputation for being self-assured and fiercely independent (read: hard-headed) where their work is concerned. You need one who is open enough to listen to your brand story, because listening is key to understanding and a graphic designer who doesn’t understand your brand story cannot translate it into meaningful visuals.


- Scale this list based on your organisation’s needs i.e it’s okay to make multiple hires for each role. Building a team of the right people around each role as your organisation grows should be your goal anyway.

- You may be pressed for time, but your hiring should never be driven by desperation. Resist the often disastrous temptation to hire an ill-suited temp as a stop-gap measure. Take your time to find the ideal person for each role instead.

What experiences has your business had with social media? Good or bad, send them to and we may publish them with full credit and a mention of your business.

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