Seven Business Resolutions For 2017

Seven Business Resolutions For 2017

Happy New Year.

Wishes for a great year are flying around, but after the severe economic lessons of 2016, we know that success in 2017 will require nothing less than determination and sustained effort: there can be no slacking or leaving things till later.

To help your business stay on track this year, we've come up with seven key resolutions. Copy them on a piece of paper and stick the paper somewhere you'll always see it. More importantly, work toward keeping these resolutions and your business will be better for it.

1. I will find my niche and own it.

This is the year to stop trying to sell to everyone. Determine your target market, fine-tune your product or service to meet the needs of that market and start selling.

2. I will increase sales by *insert percentage*.

Throughout these year, make sure your business targets (growth, sales etc) are actual figures, not general statements like "Reach more customers" or "Sell a lot." Without figures, you can't measure your achievements.

3. I will be more productive.

What were your biggest time-wasters of 2016? They could be meetings, traffic jams, excess entertainment etc. If you can, get them off your schedule completely. If you can't, reduce their impact on your time: Schedule shorter meetings. Get a driver (So you can do some work in traffic). Delegate minor tasks to assistants. You don't have to do everything.

4. I will use technology to save money.

There are apps for handling several things, from accounting to project management. So before you outsource a task, find a free or comparatively cheaper app that can do it.

5. I will market with the internet.

Every minute your business is not online is a certain number of potential customers lost. Seriously. Even if you cannot afford a website yet, you should list your business on Google, get on social media and send emails to your friends and family. Let people know what you can do for them.

6. I will pay attention to my finances.

You can do it yourself or you can hire someone to do it. Either way, always keep an eye on your business finances. These accounting checklists could save your life.

7. I will treat my customers better.

It's cheaper to retain your current customers than to get new ones, no kidding. And your customers are not stupid: they know when they're not getting value for their money and it's only a matter of time before they move over to your competitors. So get your act together, improve your customer service and watch your customers become your biggest brand advocates (for free).

All the best with your business this year.

We'll love to hear from you. Share your business resolutions in the comments section below or send them to

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